Course Schedule for Spring 2019

Subject CR Chair Time Place
Social Multimedia 3 C Dr. Yi-Hsuan Yang Tue 09-12 N107, IIS
Seminar 0 R Dr. De-Nian Yang Wed 14-16 N106
Data Mining in Social Networks 3 R Dr. Man-Kuan Shen Thur 14-17 N107
Advanced Alghorithm 3 R Dr. Ting-Yi Sung Fri 14:00-17:00 N101

SNHCC Courses-Previous Semesters

Fall 2018 HCC SEM P & S MSN
Spring 2018 MM SEM AA
Fall 2017 P & S MSN DM SEM
Spring 2017 MM NLPIR SEM
Fall 2016 P & S DM HCC SEM
Spring 2016 MM NLPIR MSN SEM
Fall 2015 P & S DM HCC SEM
Spring 2015 MSN MM HCC SEM
Fall 2014 DM NLPIR SEM

Core Courses

Students need to complete 3 of the 5 core courses and at least 3 elective courses. Since NTHU and NCCU honor the course credits granted by each other, students in this program can take related courses (major courses for master and phd students) from both schools. Before completing 18 credits, students are required to take at least two courses "with" credits every semester.

1 Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval with Applications in Social Networks 3 credits
2 Data Mining in Social Networks 3 credits
3 Social Multimedia 3 credits
4 Mobile Social Networks 3 credits
5 Human-Centered Computing 3 credits
6 Seminars 0 credits
7 Project Research 0 credits
8 Dissertation 0 credits

Note : All international students are required to take Chinese Class for one year. This can be waived if you pass the proficiency test.

Graduation Requirement

Course Requirement

  1. Required Courses: Pass at least three out of five SNHCC Core Courses.
  2. Elective Courses: AT least 9 credits, including Ph.D. level courses CS/ISA/SNHC/COM from NTHU or NCCU. This does not include PhD Thesis, Special Project, seminar or Chinese Class.
  3. Students have to participate in Seminar every semester in the first 6 semesters. This is mandatory. According to students' backgrounds, degree requirements may include participation of prescribed planned curriculum.
  4. NTHU Requirement_class of 2017 and after:
    1. ISA or CS related courses are those with course codes which (i) begin with ISA, COM, or SNHCC, or are of the form (ii)CS 5xxx ~ 7xxx; however, “Thesis”, “Topics” courses, and English language courses are excluded. A course not listed above may be considered as an ISA or CS related course under permission from ISA Chairperson.
    2. Basic Subjects
    3. Students are encouraged to complete the course work within two years in order to have sufficient time preparing Qualification Assessment.

Qualifying Examination

To qualify, students must pass the academic courses with outstanding performance and research ability assessment.

  1. Outstanding Academic Performance --- Minimum three SNHCC core courses.
    1. Students are required to high pass 3 out of 5 core courses. Superior graduate level performance. Consistently demonstrates complete and accurate understanding and application of knowledge and skills. The professors form each core courses will determine the passing thresholds, at least B+ and above.
    2. The students are allowed to re-take the course and obtain "high pass."
    3. Publication or paper submission is not allowed in lieu of this requirement.
    4. Students who are not able to pass three (out of five) core courses WITH superior graduate level performance by the end of the fifth semester. You are not qualified for research ability assessment.
  2. Meet additional NTHU_ISA and NCCU_CS Ph.D. Requirements
    1. Students who enroll at NTHU (class of 2017 and after) and NCCU (class of 2018 and after)will need to accomplish 18 credits of Ph.D. level course(such as CS/ISA/SNHC/COM 5xxx ~ 7xxx level course) and the grades must be at least B+ within 5 semesters after enrollment.
  3. Research Ability Assessment:
    1. The purpose is to steer toward a right track, objective, fair and appropriate standard, of Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing.
    2. Time Frame
      • The application for Ph.D. Thesis proposal is only accepted after the student have accomplished "Outstanding Academic Performance" requirement (and Qualifying Exam of the partner university.)
      • The deadline for Thesis Proposal Approval is by end of the third year.
    3. The assessment committee will be composed of three faculty members: advisor, co-advisor and one SNHCC Academic Committee member.
    4. The research ability assessment may be held twice. Student who do not pass the second assessment must withdraw from the PhD program in the following semester.

Research Advisor Searching

  1. The student is required to find an advisor and a co-advisor from our core faculty list.
  2. The student can choose more than one co-advisor. But the primary co-advisor must be one of the core faculty members.
  3. The student must decide their advisor and co-advisor within the first year. The student should find their advisor/co-advisor and get approved by the end of the third semester. Otherwise, the student shall be dismissed from the program.
  4. The student cannot change their advisors in the year before the graduation.

Publication and Final Oral Defense

  1. Publish at least one paper in a top journal or two papers in top conferences. The paper needs to be published, or a proof of its acceptance should be submitted.The dissertation will be examined and verified by the TIGP Educational Administration Committee.
  2. For NTHU students, Internal Oral Defense (IOD) should be taken before your dissertation review by TIGP Educational Adm Committee. IOD can be taken only after passing the Qualifying Examination" for at least 6 months.
  3. Pass the oral defense. A student must pass the examination of graduation by TIGP Educational Administration Committee before proposing the oral defense. The oral defense committee should include at least five members in related research fields. Among them, at least one third of the members should come from organizations other than NTHU, NCCU, and Academia Sinica.
  4. When publishing research results conducted during the stay at TIGP, all students should acknowledge the support of TIGP and the affiliated institution(s) by denoting the authorship as follows: Name of TIGP program, affiliated institution of AS, (AS address, if applicable)
    • An Example:
    • Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing, Taiwan International Graduate program, Institute of Information Sciences, Academia Sinica, 128, Academia Road, Sec. 2, Nankang, Taipei, 115
    • Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3
  5. The length of study is at most seven years.
  6. The bylaw is set by the Committee Board. If amended, the same procedure applies.